How can you memorize very easily?

Suppose, you are reading much but forget everything after reading. Then you are thinking that it is a big problem. Sometimes you may see that you have forgotten all things in the exam hall. If we think it is only for our less brain or memory then it is completely wrong.

We have problem on taking some strategy. Some techniques can give a better solution for this problem. Here, some steps are discussed briefly. 

At first we need to know how our memory remember something.
When we want to remember or store something on memory, then the memory generally does three tasks. Firstly, it makes memory, secondly, it stores events, and thirdly it reminds memory events.

Some ways to increase memory is also given here. You have to meditate to create memory. Meditation will also keep rest your memory. You can eat coffee to save memories too. But it is not proven yet. Some physical exercises can help to remind your memory. Chewing gum can also stimulates your memory. Finally take a nice sleep at night. Sleep keeps your memory fresh and creates new blank space.